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Blue Heron Book Works


My esteemed publisher, Bathsheba Monk and Blue Heron Book Works made the publication of my book possible.  Check it out for, not only my book but for the other wonderful titles that are published and/or are about to be published! 

Favorite sites to no particular order


Joyce Hinnefeld


Associate Professor of English and director of the Writing Center, Moravian College.  Also an award-winning author of "Stranger Here Below", "In Hovering Flight", and "Tell Me Everything and Other Stories."    Joyce also is the Faculty Advisor for The Manuscript, Moravian College's literary magazine where two of my stories first appeared. 


Mary Lawlor


Director of American Studies/Professor of English at Muhlenberg College, and author of "Fighter Pilot's Daughter:  A Story of the Sixties and the Cold War".  Check out her website for an excerpt, plus interviews about the book! 



What do you do with an abandoned set of furnaces?  ArtsQuest!  Home of some great shows! 


Steelworkers Archives


The goal of the Steelworkers' Archives is to create a permanent community center in Southside Bethlehem for the preservation of the history of steelworkers, their rich heritage and diverse cultures, their struggles and accomplishments.



Facebook:  Bethlehem Steelworkers Families & Friends


This site is dedicated to remembering the women and men who worked in the steel industry in Bethlehem PA through an exchange of pictures and conversations.

Images of Flesh & Steel:  Video by Ed Leskin


A moving tribute to what will never come set to "Driving the Last Spike" by Genesis.

Beyond Steel:  an Archive of Lehigh University


Not just Iron and Steel!  But be sure, when there, to check out fellow rigger Bruce Ward's interview as well as other oral histories. 

FAQ:  Reading a Kindle Book on other Devices


There's an app for that!  Amazon offers a reading app that will allow you to read Kindle titles on a variety of digital platforms:  your PC, your phone, your tablet, etc.....



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